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enough for snow. we do have on radar light snow falling in frederick county and washington county, up along the pennsylvania border, along carroll county. that will be twisting into howard and loudoun counties in the 234ek9 half hour. could be a brief dusting here. a few slick spots may quickly pop up and maybe just a dusting. temperatures are in the 20s. windchills in the teens to near 20 degrees with winds gusting near 20 to 25 miles an hour. >>> the snow coming from the north is a weak disturbance in the atmosphere, enough to kick up snowshowers from mid to late morning, otherwise maybe a few flurries. blustery winds, in the clear and upper 30s. sun tomorrow morning and clouding up. a little more potent storm coming in on thursday night into from the morning. could get a couple inches of that, cold into the weekend. how is the traffic? >> we're doing okay so far this morning. 95, 395, 66, the toll road, all very quiet as we g get underway with no early major issues reported into us. we have a problem in prince william county, prince william parkway between moore drive and liberia r
, they changed from yesterday. only near 20 in washington and nearby suburbs. teens around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. these are the wind chills. winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. feels like single digits. southern shenandoah valley and very charlottesville to richmond at this hour. that's the zone by the way under a winter storm warnings into the carolinas they can get heavy amounts of snow open we're on the northern ends of this storm here in the washington area. doesn't look like we'll get much. we'll have a blustery cold day today, partly cloudy with highs only near freezing and that snow moving in tomorrow and we'll have some accumulating snow with highs in the 20s. sun returns on sunday and monday. i expect for us starting about 6:00 tomorrow morning ending by 6:00 p.m. about two to four inches around the d.c. metro area. that band in the middle to the north, just a dusting. but south of fredericksburg to near charlottesville and into central virginia four to six inches. southwestern virginia they can get over 10 inches of snow from this storm. now jerry, how is the t
chester. current windchills are in the single digits. only 7 for our windchill in the washington area. 10 for the windchill in annapolis. it's going to be a sunny, breezy, and cold day today. high temperatures will climb barely up into the low, maybe even mid-30s. the winds will easy up late this afternoon and this evening, setting the stage for our last really cold night for a while coming up tonight into tomorrow morning. and there's a warming trend ahead, kimberly, we'll give you that in the seven-day. >> looking forward to that. thank you, chuck. >> we're following breaking news from prince george's county right now. early this morning, a freight train hit a car in beltsville, maryland. the accident happened at baltimore avenue and ritzway. that's where news 4's derrick ward is live with the latest. derrick, any injuries here? >> reporter: we understand there was one injury to the driver of the vehicle. we're looking at this csx train now. a southbound csx train on these tracks that run parallel to route 1 here in beltsville. we understand this accident happened just after 6:00 a.m. a
reagan washington national airport where the skies, i believe, are kind of cloudy out there and we'll find out about our complete forecast now from meteorologist tom kierein. >> a few flurries? >> me too. some people. we have, actually have had a few snow owers. we see the area of gray, that's some very light snow that may be briefly touching the ground, and that is continuing to move to the south and east out of the northwest. so, yes, in prince george's county, parts of anne arundel and montgomery and howard as well as southern fairfax they may be getting just a few flurries there and as we take a look at the temperatures now, 28 in washington, so it's well below freezing and whatever snow is reaching the grounds and sticking there may be a few slick spots. the within have diminished quite a bit since yesterday but still enough wind to give us wind chills in the teens. high today briefly touching mid-30s. chance of a few flurries this morning and again this evening and blustery winds and partly sunny on wednesday. a tad warmer tomorrow. partly sunny on thursday. looks like still
's nbc 4 health and fitness expo will be officially under way. here is a live look at the washington convention center, packed with exhibits, family friendly fun and life-saving information. lelths head o let's head out to news 4's doreen gentzler. good morning, doreen. >> reporter: good morning kimberly. we have theme work. this is our 17th year. i guess it is time we got our own theme music. we are ready to cut the ribbon and get underway with the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. this year will be big and better than ever. before we start, i want to introduce a few very special guest. congressman woman eleanor holmes norton, we are glad you are here. >> i thought i would introduce my life bill, lifetime improvement in food and exercise, because you are doing something for us trying to get the federal government into it. we have got 30% obesity in this country. thank you for this expo with lots of people out there lined up to get in. >> lots of people and lots of information about healthy eating and how to stay healthy. >> let's help ourselves while the health care bill is on too, ple
there, traveling along 395 and the george washington memorial parkway. here's a look at dopple plenty of rain lifting into the area. rain started here about 5:00 this morning and it's going to stay steady now for most of the late morning and early afternoon hours. so don't expect too much in the way of improvement in the weather department today. temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. won't budge much during the course of the day. the steadiest of the rain will be ending around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon, but i don't think the last raindrops will fall until midnight or after that. kimberly, over to you. >> thank you, chuck. >>> we don't even have food. >> that body -- >> the people are suffering. >> frustration and desperation in haiti as the death toll in last tuesday's earthquake there continues to climb. it's difficult, at this point, to pinpoint just how many people were killed, but estimates put the number anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 dead. about 300,000 hatians are now homeless. the u.s. state department says at least 15 americans have died in the quake. one u.n.
flooding over the next several hours. weave had only about a quarter ch here in washington. just to our west we've had about 1/2 inch. shenandoah valley has had from an inch to over three inches. around two inches just to the east of the blue ridge. just had a gust at dulles airport at 44 miles an hour, those winds bringing down a few tree limbs causing power outages this morning. the temperature now 60 degrees in washington on january 25th. it's not going to last long. we'll be near 40 by midnight. the 30s tomorrow morning. this rain should taper off and end around midday today with the winds remaining rather gusty into the afternoon. a bit blus sterry again tomorrow. partly cloudy on it is with highs in the mid to upper 40s. a bit colder on wednesday and thursday. morning lows in the upper 20s with afternoon highs in the low to mid 40s. looks like a chance of snow on friday. we'll take a look at that. that will be coming up in just a few minutes. right now watch out for the ponding of water especially around construction areas. many small creeks and streams are running high. they may
cabinet is forced to meet outside on plastic chairs. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. >> there are glimmers of hope popping up across haiti. this morning we're hearing from members of fairfax county search and rescue team. they say they are exhausted but keep moving forward. they pulled a u.n. officer from denmark from the rubble of a crushed building. he was there since last week. he was in remarkably good shape. >> took us four hours to get to him. we saw him. we got a visual on him and had him out in four. he's in good shape. >> they are being called heroes for their work in haiti. they saved about a dozen people from the rubble. >>> even here in washington you can help earthquake victims in haiti. >> the haitian embassy needs help sorting through the thousands of donations people made over the weekend. megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: good morning. of course the situation in haiti is really quite dire and has struck a chord with people in our area. the outpouring of support has been tremendous. if you see over my shoulder here the u-haul is filled with supplie
are a bit milder than they were this same time yesterday morning. mid-30s in washington and low 30s in prince george's county. montgomery, arlington and fairfax counties right near 30 degrees. and it's right near the freezing mark around the region. we do have a cloud cover, slight chance of a sprinkle or a flurry late this morning. it will drop back into the 30s by sunset and then the teens by dawn tomorrow. this accompanied by gusty winds this afternoon and overnight tonight, gusting to 30 miles per hour. much colder friday, increasing clouds with highs near freezing. saturday perhaps light snow around the metro area but very light amounts. heavier amounts central and southern virginia. remaining cold into sunday. how is the traffic? >> doing pretty well along the i-270 spur. right side of your screen, northbound. no early hangups to report. elsewhere the trip to the wilson bridge looking good both inner loop and outer loop no worries out at the bay bridge. 95 southbound south kings dominion word of an accident involving a truck. eastbound 66 we're okay. no worries either way righ
, montgomery, howard for later tonight. right now 20 to 30 degrees. now 30 in washington. and as w look at the view from space over the last six hours it's cloudy, blue ridge west but clear from the blue ridge to the east to the eastern shore so we're off to a clear start. sunshine this morning. but by later on tonight and into tomorrow morning these are the total amounts i expect. certainly be much more out of the mountains and higher elevations. shenandoah valley around the blue ridge, four inches. one to two inches around the d.c. metro area. that could cause problems tomorrow morning. that's all we need is an inch or two on untreated surfaces. cause some commuting problems and maybe some school delays. should end quickly tomorrow morning. blustery and cold as we get into the weekend. now the traffic, jerry, how is it looking >> this morning fine. no weather concerns. head out to the interstates along i-95, 395, 66. should be in freg shape this morning. one early morning accident, 395 northbound at duke street in the hov lanes. that has been cleared. everything reopens. elsewhere alo
district of columbia. right now 36 in washington. in the low to mid-30s in montgomery, prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties but where that snow and sleet is falling and the rain as well freezing up in parts of the northern shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia. southern maryland around the bay in the upper 30s. there's a winter weather advisory, loudoun, howard, shenandoah valley and that warning zone all those counties in pink could get some significant icing there as the day progresses. had light icing overnight along with sleet and snow. showing a developing area of low pressure around cape hatteras as that low deepens it will dra in colder air, change the rain into light notice. light snow in washington, suburbs, all around the region by late morning and off and on through the afternoon but just a trace for total accumulation arnd the metro area. but further west and north two to four inches of snow and sleet as we get into the late afternoon hours. all this will ends. quarter inch of ice in the shenandoah valley. all this ending by late afternoon cle
with the washington redskins is over. zorn has been fired as head coach. the skins finished the season 4-12 after losing yesterday to the san diego chargers. they were just 12-20 during his two years as head coach. zorn was the sixth redskins head coach under dan snyder who bought the team in 1999. our own lindsay czarniak broke this story. >> she joins us on the phone now with the very latest. thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about when this happened and how it happened? >> as eun said that jim zorn has been let go, it happened early this morning upon the team's return from san diego. the team landed around 2:00 a.m. and i'm told zorn was packing up his things with team officials waiting for him there at redskins park. so, wha we know from being in san diego with the team last night is that they had scheduled an 11:00 a.m. player availability for this morning. they also have scheduled an 11:30 meeting that players assumed would be zorn's address of the team and then zorn himself was scheduled to have his availability, which he always does at 12:25, which i said is his normal time. it'
in yesterday morning. >>> a teacher at sidwell friends school in northwest washington is out of job after being charged with sexual abuse. until this school year, rocket peterson taught seventh and eighth grade social studies. according to "the washington post", peterson was charged in two separate incidents involving a minor in both montgomery and queen ann's county. >>> a man has been flashing people along the w and od bike trail. they say he struck five times last week. each time he shows up along tree line near the trail without any pants on. police say one woman claims he use ad flashlight to draw attention to him. >>> arlington's only murder of 2009 remains unsolved three weeks after it happened. carl deaner a retired government worker was killed in late december. investigators are still gathering evidence and jackie bensen reports, his friends are trying to help bring his killer to justice. >> we're here right now, out to the highway, that section and all the way back. round how did these two dads from arlington end up taking part in a neighborhood safety check on a wednesday night? chec
outside. beautiful picture of the washington skyline. washington monument all lit up. 32 degrees out there. we've got changes headed our way. >> oh, yeah. and the mention of snow as well, tom. >> that's right. for tend of the week. it does appear we could have some by friday night. between now and then we'll stay dry. right now temperatures are at or below freezing throughout most of the regi. near freezing in washington and if bay. prince george's county near 30. also near 30 in arlington, fairfax and montgomery counties. cold in the mountain, down into the low 20s there. just near freezing on the eastern shore. over the last six hours t bright, nearly full moon just setting in the western sky. a few clouds over the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia and western maryland. for t rest of the day, we veal a mostly sunny day right around washington. points west might have a few clouds. then tonight down into the 20s again. a southwest early breeze may get us in the -- bringing in much colder weather. by friday morning just near 20 degrees. increasing clouds on friday after a
for snow into the washington area. everybody hopefully happy about that. it's landing on a weekend. we do have a winter weather advisory for the d.c. metro area. we have a winter storm warning that starts once you get down fords fredericksburg and stafford, waldorf, st. mary's county, you are under the warning. right here around town, a winter weather advisory. we could get well more than six inches down from frericksburg into the southern part of our viewing area. temperatures, bone-chilling cold. a lot of spots not reporting snow yet, because it's going to take a long time. very dry here at the ground. it is going to take a while for the snowflakes to saturate the atmosphere. it will start snowing here mid to late morning and it will snow all afternoon long today. >> it should be pretty if you like the stuff. >> i love the snow. >> thanks, chuck. >>> virginia is under a state of emergency as the storm moves in. chuck bell saying the counties around fredericksburg like stafford, spotsylvania and king george could get 6 to 8 inches. they have pretreated the roads to have up to 100 pieces
future terrorist attacks. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >>> college football took center stage on new year's day. hakim dermish has your sports minutes. >>> we start with the grand daddy of them all, the rose bowl in pasadena. ohio state taking honoring gone. terrell pryor threw for tohdowns. it snaps a losing streak for ohio's state. it is the buckeye's first rose bowl win since 1997. penn state against lsu, 61 seconds to play, nittany lions down by one. colin wagner on from 21 yards down. penn state beats lsu, 19-17. hockey, flyers and bruins, game tied at 1 in overtime, patrick bergeron wins it. i am hakim dermish. have a great weekend. >>> 6:08 its your time, 27 degrees. the new place that cameras are keeping a watchful eye over you. russian vodka has suddenly doubled in price. why some brave souls came to a (matt caliandro) when i try new products, it's an adventure. the exciting part about it was being one of the first people to use sensodyne iso-active. i couldn't believe the packaging it doesn't look a toothpaste. the gel turns into a foam it's expanding, it's bubbling.
and for a lot of folks especially down to the south and west of washington, already the rain drops have started to fall. no rain drops here in northwest just yet but we're on the cusp. most of the rain is in dale city, manassas, front royal. temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40. no numbers below freezing. this will be all rain around here and it's going to be pretty much all rain all day long. highs today not going to budge more than a few degrees up to the low 40s. i'm more optimistic, a little bit more sunshine. >> glad to hear it. >>> right now in haiti a critical situation is growing even more dire. still no official death toll. haiti's government alone has already recovered 20,000 bodies. that doesn't include bodies recovered by relief agencies or the victim's relatives. search and recovery teams continue to dig for victims while survivors are struggling and emotions are taking over. jay gray reports from the haitian capital of port-au-prince. >> reporter: the frustration is growing as much as the death count in port-au-prince, recovery teams uncover the body of the u.n. mission chief
in northwest washington with more. derrick, how often have we seen the federal government step in here? >> reporter: well, to this extent, never. this is being describe as as an historic move, but it's also an acknowledgement of the importance of metro to the operation of the local transportation infrastructure, of course, and to the operation of the federal government. and of course, as you said, the obama administration has stepped in and made these appointments to metro. now, in a rare weekend announcement, the gsa has announced the appointment of mortimer downey as director of the metro board. downey is described as a veteran transit official who's been involved with metro from its early days and served as executive director of the new york transit system. marcella coffman serves as executive director and has been an executive of the chicago transit authority. metro's general manager announced his resignation effective in april. it's seen as a historical move. a system for which it's been a difficult year. that fatal crash, the subsequent safety issues, and a $40 million budget def
for today and tomorrow. >> thanks, chuck. >>> the washington wizards are learning to live without gilbert arenas, at least for the time being. the team took to the courts fort frs time since their star player was suspended. they did it in front of their fans. >>. >> reporter: no arenas on the court and no images of him inside the arena. those looking for his jerseys were out of luck. jim nagle wore his own. >> i feel like the team and the league is throwing him under the bus. i am wearing this shirt in support of himonight. >> reporter: other fans seemed sympathetic too. >> you have to hold him accountable to certain things. at the same time, he is a human being too. >> reporter: meanwhile, the investigation into what happened between gilbert arena and gentleman var advi javaris crittenton. they claim d.c. police are downloading footage from this cameras, wanting to see players reactionso the gun incident. a team official says, if there was anything captured on tape, this would be the only camera that got it. also new, word that several wizards players met with the grand jury before frida
on massachusetts avenue in northwest washington. it's holding a candlelight vigil starting at 4:30. a moment of silence at 4:53 the moment the quake struck. if you can make it, find out how to help the victims of haiti by going to you'll find a list of legitimate organizations that are collecting donations. there's a link in the middle of the home page. you can search help once you get to the site. >> d.c. police are still looking for four persons who assaulted a manner the anacostia metro station. it happened yesterday evening on martin luther king avenue. the victim was shot and this morning there's no word on his condition. >>> a special election today in massachusetts could make or break health care reform. it's a dead heat for the seat vacated by the late senator ted kennedy as martha coakley versus scott brown. a coakley loss will give republicans 41 votes in the senate and the ability to block health care reform. both candidates are campaigning hard down to the minute. >> we got a ton of energy. everybody knows it's a race. >> not only are her ads negative, they are
this morning if you still feel too impaired to drive yourself. the washington regional alcohol program is still offering its sober ride program. you can get a free cab ride up to $50 until the end of this hour. call 1-800-200-taxi. >>> new today a threatening start to the new year in d.c. police are investigating a shooting outside of a church service. the gunfire eruped outside of the building in 3000 block of naylor street. >> reporter: somebody decided to ring in the new year with gun shots here in southeast at a church. now this morning we talked to the pastor of that church. the new life praise temple. he said a gunman opened fire outside of the churn. the shots flu in through a window but did not hit anyone inside. he said there were about 40 people inside the building for a new year's eve service. he also said that there were about five or six shots fired. people inside the church said they were just singing, worshipping, praising, and then they heard the gunfire and saw the shattered glass and they hit the deck, lying on the floor they said they were scared to death but remarkably no on
passing east of washington. the snow has ended in washington. still snowing moderately in fairfax, southern prince william, into stafford and spotsylvania, charles county, prince george's county getting that band of moderate snow as is anne arundel county and moving into calvert and sane mary's. elsewhere a few passing snow showers further to the west moving into the shenandoah valley. those may be moving into the metro area later on this morning. here are the snow totals. anywhere from an inch and a half in southern maryland to about a half inch to an inch around washington and nearby suburbs. the temperatures are at or below freezing all around the region. what has fallen is sticking on the untreated surfaces and the view from space is showing a few lingering showers further to our north and west. those may be passing through perhaps late morning, mid-morning. after that a little sun breaking up. blustery winds and stay cold generally at or below freezing through the rest of the afternoon and through the weekend. sub freezing frigid weekend. morning lows teens. afternoon highs 2
minutes. >>> the washington wizards are learning to live without gilbert arenas, at least for the time being. the team took to the court for the first time since their star player w suspended earlier in the week. they did it in front of their home fans. our craig melvin has more on how they were greetedt the verizon center. >>> no arenas on the court and no images of him inside the horizon either. wizards fans look are for gilbert arenas' jersey were out of luck. >> i feel like the team and the league is blowing him under the bus. i am wearing this shirt of him in support of him tonight. >> reporter: other fans seemed sympathetic. >> you have to hold him accountable to certain things but, at the same time, he is a human being too. >> reporter: meanwhile, the investigation into what happened between gilbert arenas and javaris crittenton continues. friday, a website claims d.c. police are downloading footage from this camera right outside the wizards locker room. the site says, police want to see players reactions to the gun incident. a team official tells news 4 that if there was anythi
washington. 32, st. mary's county. 35, annapolis. 30 degrees in quantico. a lot of 20s on the map. 27, manassas and frederick, 28 degrees in germantown, 30 degrees in leesburg. not a bad-looking saturday. a few clouds around first thing this morning. mostly sunny. high temperatures around 45 degrees. enjoy it, kimberly. today's sunshine will be replaced with rain for tomorrow. that part of the forecast and the seven-day coming up. >>> thank you, chuck. it was a horrific crash in prince william county, one that left a teenager dead, a young life lost after a van crushed the car he was driving. a mother and 4-year-old were sitting in the front seat of that van. they were injured but are expected to survive. news 4's craig melvin reports. >> reporter: what's left of the almost unrecognizable honda civic was a sign of how bad the accident was. friday night, we found this sign on the wally family's door in woodbridge. moments later, the grieving family arrived and the younger brother told us what he would miss most. >> his looks, his personality, his everything, his style, his attitude, hi
. temperatures near 30 in washington and throughout much of the washington. out in the mountains 20 degrees. upper 20s on the eastern shore. so, a little below freezing most areas but warmer than it has been the last several morning. there were those snow showers and flurries tha came through overnight, not accumulating anywhere. heading off to sea. we still have a little upper level disturbance over the central appalachians that will drift over us later on this morning that may trigger a passing flurry. by noon mid-30s and upper 30s by mid-afternoon with increasing sunshine. sunrise 7:26. sunset at 5:07. partly cloudy to mostly clear tonight. bottom out tomorrow morning near 20 degrees. so, rather cold start tomorrow morning but we will see it to warm to near 40 tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy. then lots of sunshine on thursday with afternoon highs into the mid-40s and morning lows mid-20s and higher on friday. friday we should make it to 50 degrees with morning lows near 30. the weekend is coming up. let's check traffic for this tuesday morning. how is it looking, arcually? >> starting
in northwest washington. 31, dulles airport. 32, upper montgomery. 29, panhandle of west virginia forecast today, pretty doggone nice. high temperatures, low to mid-40s. enjoy the sunshine today. the rain comes back tomorrow. could get one to two inches of rain. i'll talk about that and give you the seven-day graft coming up in a few more minutes. >> at least it is not ice, right, chuck? >> that's correct. >> thank you. >>> a major overnight development in haiti to tell you about. the country's government now says the search for survivors is officially over. the u.n. says 132 people were pulled from the rubbl alive. more than a week after the quake, the hope is fading that more miracles are awaiting. nbc's ron allen reports. >> reporter: when 24 hours have passed without a successful rescue, that's why search and rescue operations here all but ended. some people still remained determined. a 22-year-old man and an 84-year-old woman were pulled from the rubble. both are critically ill. their chances of survival are not clear. >> they survived. i don't ca. they survived. >> reporter: the airp
a reckless choice. nbz news, washington. stay with us, everyone. news 4 today continues now at 5:00 a.m. >>> i pretty much just started screaming and he got up and ran out the door. >> a d.c. woman talking about her terrifying account of a stranger who broke into her home and got into her bed. >>> finally, the end is in sight. apparently there is a change coming. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'moe krebs. >> and it's monday, january 11th, 2010. we're going to take a live look outside right now. it's another cold day, but there could be a warm-up on the way and we're looking forward to it. >> and we deserve it. and it's going to gradually warm up and we're going to see, look at how cold it is. the temperares are only near 20 in the suburbs, rural areas and in washington. many locations have windchills near 10 degrees with the wd around 5 to 15 miles an hour coming in out of the west-northwest. out of the mountains, it's below zero this morning. elkins, west virginia, 8 below zero. temperatures will be gradually climbing today, though. we should make it into the mid and uppe
on todayÑit a southeast washington church where shots rang out on new year's eve. dozens of people were inside new life praise temple ministry on naylor road southeast thursday night when someone fired several shots into the building. no one was seriously hurt. police have not figured out who the gunman was, but they say it appears the church was Ñitarget. >>> police in princ george's county need your help in finding two sisters missing for nearly a week now. 14-year-old roxanne owen and her 11-year-old sister deja walked away from a friend's house last week and not been seen since. anyone with information is asked to call prince george's county police right away. >>> we are following a developing story out of yemen. the u.s. and british embassies are closed over threats from al qaeda. the threats in that region have escalated since the failed christmas day terror plot. president obama announced tt al qaeda's branch in yemen was behind the attempt to bomb a plane head for detroit. today, british prime minister gordon brown says his country will work with the u.s. and yemen to help figh
carried out in december were very significant. >> reporter: pete williams, nbc news, washington. >> the senate intelligence committee plans on holding hearings later this month into the investigation into the security lapses from christmas. >>> the death toll has reached 88 in an apparent revenge bombing of a village in northwest pakistan. mourne began holding funerals for those killed in the explosion. a suicide bomber blew himself up on a crowded field during a bombing. the attack was in retaliation for those resisting the taliban. it was one of the deadliest bombings in pakistan in recent history. >>> we are following a developing story right now. pirates have reportedly hijacked a british cargo ship off the coast of somalia. both incidents happened yesterday. there is no word on the condition of the crew of the asian tanker. the european union says the 25-member crew ofhe british ship appears to be safe. >>> iran is giving the u.s. and it's western allies anulty may tomorrow concerning iran's counter proposal to a u.n. plan on a nuclear exchange. iran says it will start prod
northwest washington. >> reporter: it was a bitter cold day but some refused to stay inside. >> it's a beautiful day. sun is out. and i come from michigan so to me this isn't really that cold. >> reporter: these flag football teams were going to play no matter what. but they admit they would trade the cold and wind for sun and heat any day. >> we preper to play in the hot weather. but, you know, on a day like today you have to run the ball and tough it out. >> reporter: even tourists were stunned by the blast of frigid weather. some ventured out on segways. >> my wife made the reservation. we didn't know it would be as cold as it was, especially windy. once we got here and got to ride them it was a lot of fun. you get to see a lot of things here in washington quickly. >> reporter: whe it gets this cold it can be dangerous. the arlington street people network is staying open 24 hours a day this weekend. >> then you can offer them additional services to help them move, hopefully from living on the streets to housing which is really our intent. >> reporter: the shelter is providing ho
in a small virginia town about 200 miles from washington. the suspected murderer is believed to be hiding. >>> the body of a local quake victim arrives back in the u.s., an unsettling message from the state department: thousands of americans are still among the missing in haiti. >>> reform revolt. voters in massachusetts send a message to the white house. good morning and welcome to "news4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it's wednesday january 20th, 2010. let's take a look outside at 5:00. 39 degrees. a little mist and drizzle in some parts of our area. meteorologist tom kierein joins us in the studio to tell us what this all means for the forecast. >> a weak front that's coming through, ushering into the little respite from the cold winter weather we've had recently. it was certainly a wonderful day yesterday. it's coming to an end. this cold front is coming through. as it does push in, it's kicking off a few rain showers, not snow where you see the blobs of blue, that is scattered light rain. the central shenandoah valley across northern virginia into the nearby suburbs of fairf
was or what caused that manhole explosion. >>> washington wizards player crittenton will avoid jail charges. crittenton was charged with two gun counts for bringing in unloaded guns into the team locker room last month. crittendon is allegedly to have pointed the gun at arenas following an argument the two had over a gambling debt. his lawyer says he was simply defending himself. >> mr. crittenton brought a lawfully obtained gun into the washington wizards locker room only because he feared for his life. the government acknowledged that that handgun was not loaded and that he never threatened anyone with it. >> after being charged, crittenton pleaded guilty and sentenced to a year of probation. as for gilbert rhine as he is scheduled to be sentenced march 26th. he's already been suspended by the nba and this week we could learn just how long that suspension will last. arenas plead guilty earlier this month to a felony gun charge. the judge could give him anything from probation to five years in prison. >>> fairfaxounty parents and students will have another chance to voice their opinion thi
krebs on this wednesday, january 13th. take a live look outside. beautiful picture of the washington monument this morning, pointing towards the skies which are basally clear right now, i believe. we'll find out from tom. 28 degrees, going to get warmer though. >> yes, finally. it does appear we have a warmup, but commencing beginning today, not a big warmup, we'll take every degree we can take. right now it's in the upper 20s in montgomery county and prince george's county, in the mid and upper 20s in fairfax and arlington counties, now 28 in washington, and in the 20s generally all around the region now. the windchills are getting better. the winds have died down a little bit. they're in the low 20s, and the view from space clear skies, a partly cloudy day with highs reaching near 40. that's near the average high of 42 this time of year. it ought to hit the mid 40s with lots of sunshine tomorrow. then near 50 on friday and again on saturday with morning lows near 30. we'll have increasing clouds saturday night. could be a storm system affecting us on sunday and into the first part
-chilling cold. upper teens to near 20 degrees. all light, flakey, fluffy snow across the washington area. plenty of it. the snow started here in northwest washington. literally about 15 minutes ago. it is already starting to pick up in intensity. temperatures have moved a whole lot of nowhere since 3:00 this morning when i got up. 22 degrees here still in washington. our dew point is three. the deference between the temperature and the dew point tells you how detroit area is. now that we have snow falling, i do think we will start to moisten things up. our temperatures will go down for the next couple of hours into the upper teens. be ready for a cold snow here. 22, downtown. 20, prince george's county. 20, fairfax. mid to high teens, down towards culpeper and manassas. windchills in the upper single digits to low teens. here is a check of live doppler. the snow just now inching in on the washington area. temperatures in the teens and 20s across here today. windchills are also going to be in the single digits. again, as that moisture starts to ride up on in here, we will finally start to see our
, 38 degrees here in washington. everybody at or above freezing mark. 34 i fairfax and loudoun counties and northern virginia. 34 in prince george's county. 35 in montgomery county, maryland. the flood watch goes into effect at 5:00 this evening for areas west of the blue ridge, 7:00 around town. fauquier county you're included. there's a look at the radar. the heaviest of the rains or the west side of the virginia shenandoah mountains. first rain drops possible as early as around noon time. home viewer, steadier rain showing up after 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. not a complete wash out but awfully wet later. >>> thank you. we have some new video oa harrowing rescue under a collapsed building in haiti. this after the haitian government declared an ends to the rescue phase. 11 days after the haitian earthquake. the rescue brought some rare moments of try you iumph. celebrations like this are short-lived these days in port-au-prince. >> reporter: 11 days after the quake a rescue team finds a 24-year-old man trapped under a tangle. concrete. the rubble of a downtown hotel. they pull hi
red cross headquarters in northwest washington where a team of volunteers is expected to leave this morning. good morning. >> reporter: yes, joe. they will be leaving in seconds. that's the truck behind me carrying 1,000 pound of equipment because this team has to be self-sustaining. who will be leading this team is bridgett from atlanta coming here to washington to head down to haiti. this is not your first time? >> no. i've been going back and forth sie 2004. >> with this mission, you all will be going down there to do an assessment. >> we're going to do an assessment and relief operations. first part when you go into a disaster you scope the area, see what's going on and come up with a plan to be able to respond as soon as possible. >> it's also important for you all to get down there as soon as possible because the arin red cross is reporting they are running out of medical equipment and also supplies down there. >> yeah. the local red cross, the whole city has been, you know, wiped out. so access to basic goods have disappeared. we need to be able to get there and bring wh
or motive. >>> services will g on today at a southeast washington church where shots rang out on new year's eve. dozens of people were inside the new life praise temple on naylor avenue, stheast when somebody fired several shots into the building. no one was seriously hurt. it appears the church was targeted. >>> we're following a developing story now from yemen. tuesday embassy there is closed in response to al qaeda threats, threats have escalated since the failed christmas day day terror attempt. >> reporter: president obama revealed for the first time since many suspected, al qaeda was behind it. >> appears he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and this group, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president said the suspect, umar farouk abdulmutallab made his al qaeda contact and received his training in yemen a country racked by poverty and ongoing civil war. now fertile ground for extremists driven from strong holds in afghanistan and elsewhere. >> basically a de facto safe haven for islamic terrorist,
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